Thursday, May 17, 2012

DIY: 4-Leaf Clover Wall Hanging

Walking home from the store a few weeks ago with my daughter, we passed a large clover patch and she asked if we could stop to look for a four-leaf clover. I placed our bags on the ground and as I bent down, I saw a four-leaf clover next to my shoe. 

At first I thought I was mistaken. In 33-years, I have never come across a 4-leaf clover, to find one so easily was bizarre. I pulled it up from the ground and showed my daughter who counted the leaves to make sure I wasn't pulling her leg.

When we got home, I took a picture of it and then decided I must press the clover to keep forever.

I placed the four-leaf clover on a piece of wax paper, folded it over and stuck the paper in the middle of a heavy book. I put the book back in my bookcase and left it there for almost 3 weeks.

I decided I wanted to make a wall hanging using my clover. I enjoy inspirational quotes so I chose an Irish blessing that says:

May your pockets be heavy and your heart be light,
May good luck pursue you each morning and night.

Using acrylic paint, I painted a mauve matte frame black. 

I glued a decorative piece of craft paper behind the matte frame. I dipped my finger in Mod Podge and applied a thin layer on the back of the four-leaf clover. I was afraid using a brush might tear the clover. I gently pressed the clover onto the decorative paper.

While my glue gun was warming up, I cut a few plastic beads from a bead necklace I bought at the dollar store. I hot glued a few fabric flowers onto the bottom of the frame & then added a bead in the center of each flower.

Next, I punched two holes on the top section of the frame with my one-hole punch. I threaded each hole with a piece of green yarn and knotted them in place.

My Dymo label maker came in handy for writing out the Irish blessing!

I cut the long label into sections and arranged them on the wall hanging. All done!


Amanda said...

I really love this!
I do have to tell you that I find 4-leaf clovers ALL the time. LOL

Shai Smith said...

Oh my god, that is so cute!!!

You're not alone in the clover department, though - the other half has never found one, either. We intentionally stop and scour every patch we find, and no such luck!

Sage said...

Thanks, guys! It is proudly displayed next to my work area. Now to find more, ha! xo

Tina B said...

What an awesome project, love the final result! I think I could actually do this...if I find a four leaf clover that is :).