Saturday, May 12, 2012

Veggie Update & Baby Chicks

It's been a week since I measured the veggie plants so I opened up my gardening journal, grabbed the tape measure, and went to work. It's hard to get an accurate measurement because the plants are twisting around so the measurements are close estimates.

The cucumber plants measured around 6 1/2" - 7 3/4" last week and now they are between 10-18 inches! We've spotted close to a dozen teeny tiny cucumbers, too.

Do you see the teeny tiny cucumber?

The tomato plants started off around 8 1/2" - 11 3/4" and now they are both 14 inches tall. A few flowers are beginning to open. Thankfully, we have had quite a few sunny days so the plants are getting lots of sunshine.

Since the plants are growing lightning fast, I decided I needed to stake them. I went to Big Lots and found a 4-pack of marshmallow sticks (for camp fires) for $2.00. They work perfectly. The onion seedlings are 3"- 4" tall and we've harvested & enjoyed most of the spinach.

Since repotting the chives, they have doubled in size!

A few days ago I received a wonderful surprise. My apartment manager delivered a gigantic planter full of beautiful flowers. Our manager offers a monthly contest for residents who pay their rent early or on time. Each month a random winner is chosen and we won for the month of May! Our back patio was bare since all of our plants are indoors so this prize was perfect. The maintenance man even hung it for us on a decorative hook since it is extremely heavy. 

Yesterday my friends Krista and Jess posted they would be live streaming their hatching eggs. I made sure to check their blog throughout the day and after dinner the kids and I watched two chicks hatching. It was amazing! As soon as Bella woke up this morning she asked about the chicks and when we checked, we caught the third chick hatching, lucky us! And then a fourth.

It was beautiful to watch and I am thrilled the kids experienced the chicks hatching. It's not too late to go to their blog to check out the chicks. I'm sure they'll be documenting the chicks' progress.


Sage said...

UPDATE: A web cam for the chicks has been set up:​channel/brooder-cam-2012 ♥

j.thrift said...

thanks for the link! <3