Friday, June 1, 2012

What's the Word June Blog Challenge

Tabi (tabi happy) is hosting a June blog challenge called 'What’s the Word June.' The challenge is to incorporate the word of the day (which Tabi has listed) into your daily blog. The words Tabi has chosen are fun and some are not commonly found in most blog posts so it will be interesting, but I am always up for a good challenge!

The word of the day is: smitten

It’s been close to eight weeks since I planted veggies for my indoor container garden. I have been watering them, hand pollinating them, and sometimes even cheering them on!  I am excited that I have been able to keep them alive and healthy this long. I was pretty nervous I would have a hard time growing vegetables indoors.

My cucumber plants grew amazingly fast. Remember this post? You can see how tall they have grown and how they are taking over my windowsill. When the cucumbers began to get larger, they started to hang down, applying a lot of weight to the plant stem and I saw places throughout the plant where the stems were breaking. I panicked because I didn’t want them to die. They have been growing so good and I didn’t want them to take a turn for the worst. I bought a metal cage to insert into their pot and entwined the plant up the cage, alleviating some pressure from the stem. A few leaves were damaged in the process but I read if the damage is minimal, they can heal themselves. Phew!

So far I have spotted a cherry tomato on one plant and on another, a larger tomato is growing with signs of two others coming along nicely. I am completely smitten over the tomatoes. I had a rough time growing them outside on my patio last year. They are doing so much better inside.


Julie Baugh said...

We've got some veg in our garden and greenhouse too, my DH likes growing them, so I know what you mean.

Shai Smith said...

So jealous of your fast growing indoor garden! Mine are taking forever on the balcony, but if I brought them in I'd have to make a kid sleep outside! :P

Amanda said...

I want some home-grown cukes! Yummo!

Brittney said...

Your plants look beautiful! I don't have a garden this year :(

Greener Mommy said...

Your cuke looks yummy!

Beloved said...

I popped by from Karmabloggers. I love the June Word Challenge...I'd be smitted in my tomatoes looked like yours. Mine have blooms but not fruit yet.
Peace and good.