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Blog Tour Stop: Saving Mary: The Possesion by Deidre Havrelock

Saving Mary: The Posession
by Deidre Havrelock
Author's blog:
Date Published: April 2012
Pages: 170

My Review

Saving Mary is a spiritual memoir written by Deidre Havrelock. Readers are quickly introduced to a young girl who is a recipient of abuse and dysfunction in her family. Early on, Deidre is sensitive to the paranormal and feels constantly watched by someone or something. She is consistently searching for guidance and help from God, but darkness seems to be more of a prominent presence in her life. Deidre experiments with a Ouija board and connects with a spirit named, “Fred” who stays with her for some time. The battle between good and evil is Deidre’s main struggle.

As I became wrapped up in the story, I had to stop and remind myself I was reading true events that the author endured. That reality made this book more intense. Diedre’s honest writing allowed me to understand the desperation she felt while she tried to reach out to receive God’s grace. She is persistence in her attempts to battle wickedness and simply be “normal.” I admire that about her, she is always striving to understand the entities and paranormal experiences, not ignore them or make excuses about them. I am eagerly awaiting book two of Saving Mary.

Deidre D Havrelock grew up in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada where she eventually met her husband to be, DJ. It was DJ who initially noticed Deidre’s dark state and worked to seek out someone willing to perform her exorcism. Eventually, the newlyweds found their way to the southern hot spot of Brooks, AB where Deidre began writing. From there the family trekked across eastern Canada to Moncton, NB where they learned to love French fries with cheese curds and gravy. Currently nestled in the hills of Kennewick, Washington, Deidre has two horses, one dog, three cats and too many rabbits…and let’s not forget her wonderful husband and three energetic daughters. Her memoir, Saving Mary: The Possession chronicles her dark childhood and the path that led to her demonic possession. She is currently working to finish book two of her spiritual memoir, Saving Mary: The Deliverance.

Author Interview

How hard was it for you to write such a personal and deeply spiritual book?
It definitely got easier as I moved along. At first I was pretty adamant about keeping everything a secret. I had become an introverted and private person. This doesn’t mean I was quiet. (Trust me, I definitely wasn’t a quiet person!) It just means I didn’t usually share intimate details of my life with people. I guess I didn’t want to have to explain everything…or anything for that matter. Actually, I didn’t want to give those events much thought at all. It all seemed too chaotic.  But as time moved on it became apparent to me that it would be healthier to talk about the events of my life. The first person I told was my aunt Glenda (along with my sister in law and cousin). My aunt then encouraged me to tell my dad. From there I slowly opened up to most of the people in my family.
Telling both family members and some friends about what had happened was difficult at first. I mean, can you image your niece or cousin or best friend coming up to you and telling you this bizarre story about spirits and possession? But in the end talking about the events of my life was incredibly helpful. Family members often related to my story (many of them have had encounters with spirits), and they encouraged me to write about my story. As I spoke out and began to write, I realized everything was linked together. My life wasn’t just a list of weird things that had happened. My life contained a clear linear line of development.  I realized I was a child who grew up with this profound hope in God, along with an intense hope for a spiritual life…and that something was dead set against me finding these things. In the end, I realized my life made sense and that it was actually a good life. This made me want to open up about it.

Would you say writing Saving Mary was therapeutic for you?
Writing the books provided the healing I needed…and the order I needed for what seemed like a chaotic life. I’m healed from being married to the devil and it’s not an issue at this time. I’ve moved on. I’m more interested in keeping an open and vibrant relationship with the Holy Spirit.
What books have you read recently?
Right now I’m reading Fresh Air: The Holy Spirit for an Inspired Life. I’ll be reading plenty of Holy Spirit books as I get ready for a conference I’m planning in May of 2013: MotherHeart Conference 2013: God is Family.
What is your status on the second book?
I will be spending my summer finishing book two (which is almost complete). I have a wonderful editor waiting to get her hands on it in order to ready it for the ebook market.

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