Monday, July 16, 2012

Free to Love, 21-day Meditation Challenge

Meditation is commonly associated with relaxing the mind, but it also has many physical health benefits. Here are just a few of them:
  • Increases blood flow
  • Reduces anxiety attacks
  • Decreases muscle tension
  • Enhances the immune system
  • Relieves PMS
Another appealing benefit of meditation as an artist and writer, is its ability to help with creative blocks and enhance the flow of your natural creativity.

I’ve held an interest in meditation for many years because I am a busy person, like most of you, and we all need an outlet to release stress and pressure. I practice yoga, so I am familiar with breathing techniques and the basics of meditation but I want to dig deeper.

I signed up for the Chopra Center’s Free to Love, 21-day Meditation Challenge. Today is Day 1 of the challenge and I am excited to make the time this afternoon to sit, listen to the audio from Deepak Chopra, and relax!

It’s not too late to sign up, and it’s free. You’ll receive helpful tips, an email reminder each day with a link to the daily meditation audio, and a daily centering thought.

From the challenge, “We have divided our Free to Love challenge into three themes. The first week will focus on "Your Pathway to Freedom," letting go of anything in the past that no longer serves us. Our second week is entitled, "Healing the Heart," looking at all the positive emotions that can emanate from the heart, provided we listen to its voice. Finally, we will focus on "Living in Love," from self-love, to love of family, and finally expanding our love into the world."

Chopra Center Meditation Challenge on Facebook.


Shai Smith said...

Perfect timing!

Ali said...

awesome post!!! (Karma blogger)

Jason Ebeling said...

Sage got to say I love reading your blog. Its great. Keep up the great work.

Ashley R said...

What a great way to relax! Something I definitely need to do more often. Thanks for posting about this challenge! Going to check it out!

Brittney said...

Very interesting! Sad that my initial response is, I don't have time for this...which should tell me that I need to do this :) Thanks for sharing!

Shannyn SimplyShan said...

This is awesome, Sage, thanks for sharing!
I used to meditate and really need to get back into it!

TabiDee said...

I've never been able to meditate. I'm that person that finds it impossible to quiet my mind. I am, however, up for the challenge. Thanks for sharing!

Clancy Cash Harrison MS, RD, LDN said...

This is a very inspirational post! I need to mediate more. I find I mediate when I go on my long open water swims.

Conscious Mum said...

i am so doing this! Just the inspiration I need.

Thanks for sharing the link. Just found glad I did. Love the book reviews too.

Less Than Perfect

kerry said...

I find meditating very hard but it is something we should all do, just find those few moments of quiet.

Beloved said...

Sage....I could use some calm. I'm in. Thanks for sharing.
Peace and good.

Joanne said...

AWesome tips!! I've always wanted to meditate. Thanks for this.

Tina B said...

I've never tried meditation but I'm certainly open to those types of things. I'll have to check into this!

Debbie McConnell said...

This would be great to go along with my Healthier Me, Skinnier Me routine.
Thanks for sharing.