Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Blog Tour Stop: Getting Roosevelt by Yvonne Mikell

I am excited to kickoff Yvonne Mikell’s blog tour for her book, 
Getting Roosevelt – A Homeowner’s Nightmare.

Getting Roosevelt -- A Homeowner's Nightmare
by Yvonne Mikell
Author's website:
Date Published: January 2012
Pages: 238
ISBN -13: 978-1469958569

Book Synopsis

Roosevelt, an old Victorian nestled on the border of upscale Chestnut Hill and middle-class Mt. Airy, is the obsession of two people, Elizabeth Samms and Gordon Roosevelt. Gordon is a realtor who likes to flip properties. Handy man Donovan Smith helps his employer, Gordon Roosevelt eliminate prospective buyers who do not live up to his standards. Protagonist Emma Samms and her autistic son love the house and are willing to fight for it. Will Gordon relinquish control?

My Review

Elizabeth Samms recently became a widow and single mother to Desmond, her six-year-old son with special needs. Six months after her husband’s death, Elizabeth finds Roosevelt, the home of her dreams. The old Victorian home is located on the outskirts of Philadelphia. Roosevelt holds many secrets that Elizabeth isn’t aware of, like missing owners, thugs, and twin brothers who are leading Elizabeth and Desmond into a whirlwind of trouble. The more emotionally invested Elizabeth becomes in her new home, the more troubles that find their way onto her doorstep.

Yvonne Mikell shows various sides of the main character, Elizabeth who is a complex person. I wanted to know more about her and Desmond. I felt like there was more to their story than what was told. Maybe Yvonne is saving that for a second book? That would be a pleasant surprise. I think the author did a good job creating a story thick with deception and greed. 

About Yvonne

“I love writing. I love to write about the ups and downs of life. Most of my stories are fiction with facts loosely weaved in. These facts can come from my own life or from news headlines. My first novel, Getting Roosevelt--a homeowner's nightmare, is a combination of all three. My novels also tend to portray a protagonist with a lot on her plate. This mirrors my own life, I'm always performing a juggling act. I currently write three columns for What doesn't kill you only makes you stronger.”

Getting Roosevelt is available in paperback and Kindle Edition on Amazon.

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jennifer zuna said...

This sounds like a good read! Adding it to my TBR pile!

Melanie Ski said...

Love stories about old houses! Will have to look this one up!

Becca said...

Sounds like an interesting & exciting book! Thanks for writing this post to let us know about it!

crunchyfarmbaby said...

Excited to host on Friday!!

Melissa said...

Thanks for the honest review! I'll be checking this book out as I love stories involving old houses:)

Laura Elizabeth said...

This was a good review. Not sure if I'd be interested in the book or not, the story just doesn't appeal to me for some reason.

Kathleen (aka Callista) said...

That's a different storyline, with the focus on the house, thanks for sharing.

The Book Connisseur said...

Interesting book. I will have to find it and add to my TBR pile. Thanks

The Bunny's Review

Elizabeth Sanders Towns said...

Wow! What a great story line. I am intrigued by the review and by reading the author's bio. I'd love to read it. Making note of it and sharing!

Yvonne Mikell said...

Hi Sage, can't believe the positive response! It was more than I expected, can't wait to see what happens on the rest of the tour. Thanks for a great review and for all your help!

Sage said...

That makes me so happy, Yvonne!