Monday, August 20, 2012

Book Reviewers: Catch the Sun Blog Tour

I’m booking a blog tour for the novel, Catch the Sun, by Lee Zamloch – The author is interested in a book review, and giving away an e-copy of her book at the tour stops.
Review copy available in PDF, 268 pages
Book Synopsis:
Marilyn Monroe begins appearing on Amanda Grace’s patio dancing, laughing at the moon and gazing at Amanda through the glass doors. Is it possible that Marilyn, against all reason, has somehow transported herself through time and space to contemporary Los Angeles? And why does she haunt Amanda, a model whose beauty is undeniable, but whose talent is questionable?
The visitations begin when Amanda’s mother, Edith, commits suicide, an event that shakes Amanda to her foundation. For, while she has been a successful model, she has always measured herself against her mother, a well-known artist who has overcome severe obstacles. But unlike Edith and her accomplished sister, Joanne, Amanda Grace has not distinguished herself intellectually or artistically, nor even managed to marry and have children. In her eyes, she has failed to live up to her mother’s expectations. Now, with Edith’s death, she has forever lost her chance to prove herself. In her grief, she forgets to eat, sleep, or carry on with life’s simplest tasks. The final blow comes when Amanda accidentally learns she was adopted. With the loss of her family as a touchstone, her foundation crumbles, and her fragile sense of self dissolves completely.
CATCH THE SUN is a story about how an obsession with a celebrity can impact the life of an ordinary woman. It explores our endless fascination with Marilyn Monroe’s fragility, beauty and dazzling rise and fall.
Dates available:
September 3rd
September 5th
September 6th
September 7th
September 8th
September 10th
September 11th
September 12th
September 14th
September 18th
If you are interested in hosting a tour stop, please choose three dates from the above list (I'll message back with one), and let me know if you’d like to do a giveaway along with the book review.

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