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Blog Tour: The Eyes Die Last by Teri Riggs

The Eyes Die Last
by Teri Riggs
$2.99 - Amazon
Pages: 293

Book Synopsis:

The Las Vegas Mayoral race is heating up, and the incumbent doesn’t have a prayer. Wealthy real estate speculator Nick Campenelli, who wants to legalize prostitution in Clark County, and former pastor Louis St. Louis, running on a 'clean-up-Vegas-by-getting-rid-of-the-whores' platform, are the front runners.

They’re also front runners on the suspect list for a string of murders. Kennedy O’Brien, four-year detective with cop blood running in her veins, and her partner Wilder “Wild Thing” James, a veteran, are determined to find the man who’s murdering prostitutes who work the wrong side of the street, and they don’t care how important or politically active he is.

The killer is a man with a mission. He stalks the women before he kills them, leaving a “BEFORE” photo on their bodies, and sending an “AFTER” shot to the local news hound. Ed Hershey, an aging newscaster with just the right amount of grey in his hair, is determined to turn this story into a network gig, and his interference, along with the LVTVS legal team, are making Kennedy and Wilder look bad. Campenelli’s good looks and charm, and St. Louis’ vitriolic hatred of prostitutes are muddying the waters too, and now the killer seems to have 
taken a liking to Kennedy.

Author Bio:

Teri Riggs was destined to be a writer.  As a small girl she didn’t read bedtime stories, she made up her own.  Who needed Little Red Riding Hood or The Three Little Pigs when there were so many great tales bouncing around in her head?  When she grew up and became a mother to three little girls, she continued the tradition of making up bedtime stories.  On the occasions she chose to tell conventional fairytales, Teri usually gave them a bit of tweaking here and there or added a new ending.  Her girls loved it.

After her daughters had the nerve to actually grow up and leave home, Teri discovered she had a passion for writing and jumped right in.  It came as no surprise she chose to write mysteries and happily-ever-after’s since that’s the genres she loves to read.

Teri lives in Marietta, Georgia with her husband, one of her daughters and two dogs that seem to think they rule the world.  And some days Teri thinks maybe they do.
Teri still frequently tells herself stories as she falls asleep.  The only difference now is she wakes up the next morning and turns her bedtime stories into books.


Q&A with Teri Riggs

How long did it take you to write The Eyes Die Last?
One year for the first draft. It seemed like twenty years to finish all the edits.

What was your inspiration for this story?
My husband and I go to Las Vegas every year for our anniversary. One trip while I was sitting in a casino mindlessly feeding money into a very hungry slot machine, the idea came to me to write a mystery about a Vegas cop. And maybe in the back of my mind, I may also have been thinking… ‘Man, what a great place to do research!’.

What attracts you to the genre you write in?
I love to read Mystery and Romantic Suspense. I like to try and figure out who the bad guy is. I’m actually getting pretty good at it.

Who is your favorite character of this book, and why?
Hard to pick. I love Kennedy. She’s a very confusing character. She likes to come across as all business and bad ass, but over the course of the book, she softens up and even finds she has a sense of humor. She’ll continue to evolve over the course of the series. And you gotta love the crazy Elvis. He’s someone I’d love to hang out with, blinky suit and all.

What has been the most challenging part of publishing your book?
Having the small press who originally published the book go out of business. I had to learn how to put the book back up as self-published through Kindle Direct Publishing. It was a nightmare. Somehow the format got scrambled and the book came out a mess. Fortunately, I had a friend who found the problem and was able to fix it for me. I’m still learning how to market it myself and that’s been another whole new experience.

Do you have any advice to offer aspiring writers?
Hang in there and never let the rejections get you down. It took almost seven years of rejections to finally get one manuscript sold. Learn everything you can about writing and promoting yourself. There are so many great online writing groups and classes you can take. I think if I spend the next fifty years writing, I’ll still not know everything about the craft. Not giving up is finally starting to pay off. I just sold another book to a publisher I’m looking forward to working with. Most of all, I’d say have FUN! You have to enjoy what you’re doing.

The author is offering the chance to win a $25 Amazon gift card to anyone who purchases a copy of The Eyes Die Last during the tour. If you purchase a copy, leave a comment with your email, and Teri Riggs will be drawing a winner at the the end of the tour!! 

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Sounds so exciting. 1 day my hubby and I will travel to Vegas. -Anita

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I love Vegas, and I love a good mystery to unravel. great review.
Thanks for sharing.
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