Monday, September 10, 2012

Blog Tour: Mahogany Slade by Stephen Robinson

Sage's Blog Tours proudly presents the Mahogany Slade Blog Tour. I am excited to kick off the tour and share my review of this fantastic novel.

Mahogany Slade
by Stephen Robinson
Date Published: September 2012
Pages: 354

Book Synopsis:

Beautiful, sophisticated, and unpredictable, Janet Tomalin represents every fantasy Brad Carlton grew up having -- and more than a few he never realized.

When they meet on their first day of college in Athens, Georgia, the stylish New Yorker completely upends the staid Southerner's ordered universe.  They fall for each other intensely and completely. It's the all-consuming passion of a natural performer and her adoring audience.

There's just one problem: Mahogany Slade, the woman from Janet's not-so-distant past... and inescapable future. Janet knows once Brad meets the dangerous Miss Slade and learns the truth, their once-in-a-lifetime love is doomed.

Mahogany Slade is the romantic yet acerbic story of young people escaping themselves in a town where your identity is everything. It's as sweet as Janet finds Brad and as irresistible as he finds her.

My Review

Brad Carlton arrives in Athens, Georgia from Greenville, South Carolina to begin school as a freshman at the University of Georgia. He quickly becomes infatuated with a fellow student and New York native, Janet Tomalin. Their social encounters and entertaining interactions balance on a fine line between friendship and intimacy. Surrounded by a lively cast of characters, Brad attempts to juggle his feelings for Janet, various friendships, city adventures, and school.

Stephen Robinson is a sensational writer who smoothly transports readers back to the 90s in Athens, Georgia. I enjoyed each quirky character, but Brad’s close friend Heather Aulds spoke to me the most. She radiates spunk, confidence, while also demonstrating moments of vulnerability. Brad comes off as a serious and talented individual who is quiet and prefers to absorb his surroundings instead of being the focus of attention. Janet is a well-to-do girl with a closet full of demons that continuously escape and haunt her daily life. Brad’s relationship with Janet mimics an exciting but queasy roller coaster ride that continues to twist and turn throughout the story. Mahogany Slade, someone close to Janet, appears amid the whirlwind of emotions, testing Brad as he has never been tested before. 

Author Info:

Stephen Robinson graduated from the University of Georgia in 1996. He has lived in many places but feels at home somewhere else. He’s written for newspapers and magazines. Mahogany Slade is his first work of fiction.

Giveaway Info:
"Mahogany Slade," by Stephen Robinson, is about first love, that moment when your favorite songs suddenly make sense because they're now about someone else.

Post a note on the wall of the "Mahogany Slade" Facebook page ( telling us what song or movie will always remind you of your own Mahogany Slade... even if it's been years since you met.

The author will give a copies of "Mahogany Slade" to his 10 favorite posts.

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SER said...

Thanks for the kind words, Sage! I look forward to the rest of the tour.

BLT said...

Here is the song that I left on the wall of MS :)

jennifer zuna said...

This sounds like a great book!

Tina @ My Highest Self said...

I think I would love this book! Glad I read your review and found out about it :).

SER said...

Pre-ordering of the book is now available on my site. I'm offering signed and numbered copies of books purchased before next week's official launch.

Debbie McConnell said...

This sounds like a great book, has me tempted to start reading again.