Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Book Reviews: Broomsticks & Broomsticks, The Halloween Spirit

by Sean McHugh & Katie McHugh Parker

Genre: Middle Grade, Childrens
  • Paperback: 66 pages
  • Publisher: Diversion Press, Inc. (October 4, 2010)
  • ISBN-10: 1935290142
  • ISBN-13: 978-1935290148

Book Description

Pocky McGuire has no idea why she is different. No one else in her family can levitate books or freeze and angry dog in his tracks. She felt alone in the world until one day she met a strange boy with a goatee. Unlike Pocky, Stamp had no doubt who he was. He was raised by witches and he was a witch. Upon meeting Stamp, Pocky hoped to befriend her magical counterpart and learn a few tricks of the trade. Stamp, however, wanted no part of anything or anyone mortal, including Pocky. Will it take magic to bring these two kindred spirits together? The real magic of Broomsticks is not about the witchcraft! It is about the magic found in a special friendship and the magic of being yourself!

My Review

Pocky is an upbeat nine-year-old who knows she is different from other kids. She can freeze time and unpack her backpack with a simple command! When Pocky is accepted into a prominent school, she tries hard just to be normal despite her special powers. Pocky soon meets a student, Stamp, and realizes they have something in common, magic!

Broomsticks is a fun children’s book that introduces a sweet girl named Pocky who just so happens to be a witch although she doesn’t come from a family with magical powers. She has a supportive grandmother who teaches Pocky to be herself. Stamp, is also a witch, but he comes from a family of witches and does not mix with mortals. In Broomsticks, we follow the forming of a special friendship even in the most unlikely people. 

The Halloween Spirit
by Sean McHugh & Katie McHugh Parker
  • Paperback: 70 pages
  • Genre: Middle Grade, Childrens
  • Publisher: Diversion Press, Inc. (September 10, 2012)
  • ISBN-10: 193529024X
  • ISBN-13: 978-1935290247

Book Description

Halloween has always been a special day for kids, especially when those kids.. ARE WITCHES! All the students at Asher School for Gifted Children are excited about the school's annual Halloween party. Everyone, that is, except for Maggie when she learns the party is being held in a haunted theater! Join magical nine year olds, Stamp and Pocky, in their second adventure full of thrills, chills, and things that go pirouette in the night! Will Stamp and Pocky meet a real ghost? Will the snotty Snodgrass twins ruin everyone's fun? And wiil the town of Maysville ever be the same after Stamp's first try at trick-or-treating? You'll be in the spirit and even believe in talking pumpkins as Stamp and Pocky kick some Halloween magic in their most bewitching tale yet!

My Review

Magical friends, Pocky and Stamp, are on another adventure in Broomsticks, The Halloween Spirit. Pocky is eager to celebrate a traditional mortal Halloween, while Stamp plans to return home and have a merry time with his family. Pocky and a few other friends are also planning the annual school Halloween party that is set to be held at the LeSur Theatre, which is said to be haunted by a deceased dancer, Loretta!

When Stamp’s Halloween plans suddenly change, Pocky is more than happy to lead her friend on a Halloween adventure that includes trick-or treating, costumes, and a Halloween party at the old theatre. As soon as Stamp walks into LeSur, he can sense a spiritual presence and begins to do a little investigating. Halloween night is full of excitement as the friends discover the ghost of Loretta, and teach mean twins, Mira and Ira a lesson about being bullies.

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Kelli said...

So, did you like the books? Maybe i missed where you said it. They sound like great Halloween books for kids.

Sage said...

Oh! Yes, I think they are great stories for kids! My daughter is 8-years-old and they are right up her alley :)