Friday, December 7, 2012

Author Interview: Ron Laughlin (The Deadly Quiet Sea)

The Deadly Quiet Sea
by Ron Laughlin

  • Print Length: 202 pages
  • Publisher: Booktango (September 13, 2012)
  • Purchase Link: Amazon

Book Description:

On a quiet night reef fishing in the Florida Keys, Clint McGuire is startled by the sound of gunfire. He hurries to investigate and discovers a boat covered in dead bodies and blood—with one survivor, a frightened young woman named Ericka. He takes her on board his boat, but they soon find themselves pursued by men firing machine guns. Clint knows the area well, so he heads for shallow mangrove islands where they find safety.

They are pursued by a relentless Colombian drug cartel that will stop at nothing to keep their activities in Florida from being discovered. No one that crosses them is allowed to live. Clint, prompted by his honor and his interest in Ericka, decides to help keep her safe—and the pair find that they are both developing feelings for each other.

Clint and Ericka escape to the romantic Bahamas ending up on an isolated island south of San Salvadore, where all hell breaks loose. Clint calls on his old pals—Dan, a former Army Ranger; Bill, a former Navy Seal; Jim, a US Air Force Pararescueman; Glenn, DEA Miami officer, and Andrew, of the Royal Bahamas Defense Force. Together, they form the Fishing Club, and vow to take out the drug lords from the top down. Only time will tell if they succeed in stopping the evil in its tracks—or pay the ultimate price themselves.

Author Bio:

Ron Laughlin – An Ohio native for the early portion of his life. He then moved to the Florida Keys, where he became involved in the lifestyle of fishing, diving and sailing the Caribbean writing about it. He now resides in New Zealand, where he is a travel writer and photographer. 

Author Interview:

Q:Please tell us about your background as a writer.
A: I began writing articles for outdoor magazines in the 60’s and then began travel writing and have been at that until recently. I had two radio shows, several newspaper columns and created a TV show in Ohio and wrote the intro/closing for a Florida TV station .
I was co-owner of a small newspaper in the Florida Keys.
I have written three travel books on New Zealand and am writing another right now.

Q:What was the inspiration behind your novel, The Deadly Quiet Sea?
A: Twenty years living and sailing in the Florida Keys and the Caribbean and personally experiencing the time period of the 70’s and 80’s when drug smuggling became a major occupation.

Q:Was there one character particularly that you enjoyed writing about the most?
A: The major focus is on one character, Clint.

Q:Are you working on any new projects?
A: The Deadly Quiet Sea is the introduction actually of a series of books based upon what happens. It is a story about a group of military experts called the “Fishing Club”. I also have been asked to write a campervan travel book on New Zealand.

Q:Do you have one set place in your home or office where you write? If so, can you describe the space for us?
A: My desk is in the living room that overlooks the marina in Picton, New Zealand.
All I have to do to relax is to swivel my chair to the left and I am looking across the harbour full of boats.

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