Monday, January 21, 2013

100 Things in 2013

A friend posted her list of 100 Things to do in 2013. I thought it was an awesome idea & decided I wanted to make one, too.

100 Things in 2013

1. Take myself out to lunch.
2. Write a new zine.
3. Attend at least two library events.
4. Watch the entire series of Six Feet Under again.
5. Make homemade garlic bread.
6. Visit Astoria.
7.  Spend an afternoon at Portland Button Works.
8.  Go to Powell’s Books.
9.  Make Luna a cat toy.
10.  Paint something for my bedroom.
11.  Self-publish my novel.
12.  Participate in NaNoWriMo.
13.  Take the free tugboat tour in Olympia.
14.  Take my photo with the kissing couple downtown.
15.  Knit something.
16.  Table the Portland Zine Symposium.
17.  Read five classics.
18.  Do random acts of kindness.
19.  Finish FAT-TASTIC #3.
20.  Read tarot cards for someone other than a family member.
21.  Take myself to the movies.
22.  Make vegetarian stuffed cabbage
23.  Visit the Experience Music Project in Seattle.
24.  Take the kids to a U-pick farm.
25.  Grow a new vegetable.
26.  Volunteer.
27.  Go to Procession of the Species Celebration.
28.  Walk around Capitol Lake
29.  Fly a kite on the beach.
30.  Add one original piece of art to my Etsy shop every month.
31.  Wash my van.
32.  Go to the top of the Space Needle.
33.  Participate in
34.  Take a spontaneous trip with the kids.
35.  Make a zine for 24 Hour Zine Thing.
36.  Watch an entire season of Gilmore Girls with Emily & Bella in one day.
37.  Volunteer with the kids.
38.  Take the kids to Heritage Park Fountains.
39.  Make a piece of mosaic art.
40.  Visit a lighthouse.
41.  Write 30 letters in 30 days.
42.   Rework Our Lady of Guadalupe tattoo
43.  Go on a coffee date with a friend.
44.  Post 30 pictures on my blog in 30 days.
45.  Table an event that I’ve never been to.
46.  Hold signs in support of Planned Parenthood outside of their clinic.
47.  Make my own sugar body scrub.
48.  Own a record player.
49. Own a cassette player.
50. Volunteer at Heath’s school.
51.  Find a cheaper place to live in Olympia.
52.  Paint with watercolors.
53.  Learn to fix my serger.
54.  Make art for Norman Reedus (Daryl Dixon, duh)
55.  Go to the ABQ Zine Fest!
56.  Take the train somewhere.
57.  Volunteer at the library.
58.  Make a split zine with Jami.
59.  Make a split zine with Nicci.
60.  Sew cloth napkins.
61.  Own a cursive typewriter.
62.  Own a pair of black boots.
63.  Eat an avocado.
64.  Go to the drive-in.
65.  Use my typewriters to write letters.
66.  Get water from the artesian well in Olympia.
67.  Weekly board game fun with the kids.
68.  Read tea leaves.
69.  Get my tarot cards read.
70.  Go to Mount St. Helens.
71.  Get a super rad picture of Mt. Rainier.
72.  Get a Mt. Rainier tattoo.
73.  Take the kids to Olympia Harbor Days.
74.  Submit art & writing to compilation projects. *Making progress!
75.  Run a mile.
76.  Spend the day with Bradley in Portland.
77.  Get my passport.
78.  Adopt-a-Farm Animal (
79.  Get fit for a bra. (yay!)
80.  Listen to an audiobook. (really listen to it)
81.  Read 60 books.
82.  Trade artwork with friends.
83.  Make eco-friendly dryer sheets.
84.  Organize my inbox.
85.  Switch my distro inventory to Excel.
86.  Own an awesome hoodie.
87.  Get my astrology birth chart.
88.  Go to a Zumba class.
89.  Give away more books.
90.  Organize family photos.
91.  Start & organize keepsake boxes for the kids.
92.  Make a lot of handmade envelopes.
93.  Clean & organize spice cabinet.
94.  Compliment someone every day.  *Making progress!
95.  Compliment myself every day.
96.  Drink more water.
97.  Buy floor mats for my van.
98.  Use my juicer more.
99.  Eat at Bearded Lady Food Co. in Olympia.
100. More writing & art makin’ in my print journal.


nicci said...

I must also do this. I'm stealing some of yours, babe. We have to get our zine done, finally :D

Sage said...

Yay, I am so glad you are doing a list :) And steal away <3

Celia said...

You inspired me! I'm writing my own, but I'm stumped! Trying to get some ideas...

Sage said...

I can't wait to see what you come up with, Celia!

Debbie said...

Sounds like a busy, and fun year! How do we find a link to your etsy shop?

Sage said...

Thanks, Debbie! My Etsy shop is here:

TheVagabondStudio said...

This is awesome! Now, I have to ask...where did you find the entire Six Feet Under series? It's not on Netflix, and I'm heartbroken. I've seen the first season about ten times, but none after that.

Sage said...

Shai, I own the box set of the entire series, BUT I highly recommend -