Saturday, February 16, 2013

Blog Tour Stop & Book Review: Gated by Matt Drabble

by Matt Drabble

Print Length: 329 pages
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Book Description

Michael and Emily are a happy and contented English couple, a writer and a school teacher. Their lives are complete when Emily falls pregnant, however their dreams are shattered one cold winter night by a car accident that robs them of their happiness.

To overcome their loss they up stick and move to Eden Gardens, a US gated community that offers "Heaven on Earth and Twice as Nice". The people are warm and friendly and welcome them with open arms. The town is a beautiful throwback to a bygone age, where the sun always shines and the sky's always blue.

As they settle into their new perfect lives, the circle is complete when Emily falls pregnant. The town is perfect, the weather is perfect and their lives are perfect. But are the stares from their neighbours a little too intense, is the town a little too interested in their happy news, and is Eden all that it seems.

They are about to find out that paradise comes at a cost, and when you sign a lease, you should always check the fine print.

My Review

Michael and Emily Torrance are a British couple making a fresh start in America. The beauty and friendly demeanor that never ends in their new gated community, Eden Gardens, blow the writer and teacher away. The couple allow themselves to get sucked into the bliss, but a few suspicious incidents have them questioning if the town is too good to be true.

After Emily becomes pregnant, the curious couple look deeper into the history of the town and the Christians, the founders of Eden Gardens. Darkness seeps in, and a handful of locals mysteriously turn up dead or disappear. A ruthless sheriff doesn’t like the nosy couple, but Michael and Emily have a purpose in the town that began years before their move to America, so Sheriff Quinn can not fulfill his monstrous desires.

I think Matt Drabble did a phenomenal job with Gated. The thriller is chock full of a thick and interesting history that adds a great deal to the present day story. The characters are well developed, and the plot is constantly twisting and turning. I had a hard time putting down Gated and was pleased with the exciting ending. 

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Melanie Schemanski said...

This sounds like an interesting read. It wasn't too 'scary' was it? I like mystery but not a lot of psycological, creepy, scary stuff :)

Sage said...

I honestly didn't feel like it was too scary at all! A great thriller :)