Tuesday, April 16, 2013

UPDATE #3 - 100 Things in 2013

8.  Go to Powell’s Books. 

Last month, I took a trip to Portland with Bradley and Powell's Books was a necessary stop for me. As soon as I walked through the door, I was overwhelmed. I had no idea that Powell's was insanely HUGE. It would take tons of trips for me to see the entire bookstore without zooming through. I did pick up a few books while I was there. 

42. Rework Guadalupe tattoo. 

While in Portland, I visited with one of my favorite tattooers, Alana, and had my Guadalupe tattoo reworked. It took three hours and was worth every minute. She is so gorgeous and I am no longer embarrassed to show her off.

43.  Go on a coffee date with a friend. 

This morning I met with a friend at a steampunk coffee shop in downtown Olympia called Sizizis. It was a magical little place that served delicious coffee.

76.  Spend the day with Bradley in Portland. 

As you can tell by the first two things above, I spent the day with Bradley in Portland. We drove around the city looking at cute houses, got coffee, went to bookstores, got tattooed, ate dinner with my friend Alex, and wrapped up our adventure with a trip to Voodoo Doughnut. 

94.  Compliment someone every day. 

Whether online or in person, I have been doing this!

99.  Eat at Bearded Lady Food Co. in Olympia.

After we attended the Peeps Awards Ceremony, we celebrated our wins at the Bearded Lady Food Co. I stuffed my face with espresso ice cream with cookies and a chocolate topping. Super good stuff! 

To view my list of 100 Things in 2013, go HERE.


Celia said...

Sage, you are an inspiration! This is awesome :D

Sage said...

Aw, thanks sweet Celia <3

Anonymous said...

very cool. I am slowly working on my list.