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Blog Tour: Review of Whitley & Austin by Parker Paige

Whitley & Austin
By Parker Paige
Genre: Romantic Suspense
Publication Date: July 10, 2013 (Pluto Books)


THREE beautiful redheads - THREE Motives - ONE Murder

Tapping into the common wish to be someone else, if only for a short time, this suspense drama explores what happens when a woman, bored with her humdrum existence dyes her hair red and takes on the persona of her late sister.

After the murder of her beloved sister, a quiet and warmhearted legal secretary, Charlie Weiss, who works for the prestigious Whitley & Austin, is in search of an escape. A few sessions with her psychologist propel her to the realization that the excitement that she seeks is in a new life, the life of her late sister.

With a daring wish to continue the wild life of her late sister, she colors her hair red and dares to reinvent herself. And with this new persona comes a different type of experience, including becoming one of three redhead suspects to a murder.

My Review

Charlie Weiss is a 29-year-old legal assistant who is dealing with the loss of her family. The death of her vibrant sister has left Charlie feeling lost and confused. She is in a close friendship with her sister’s fiancĂ© and attempts to receive some clarity from her frequent therapy sessions. Nothing was helping until the day she decided to dye her hair red.

This physical transformation also changed Charlie’s behavior.  Her new flamboyant character stirs up some things at work with co-workers, and she finds herself in a love triangle. Things spiral out of control, and Charlie becomes a suspect in a murder that happened at her work, Whitley & Austin.

Parker Paige is successful in giving us a suspenseful story of jealousy, lust, and revenge. While I was pleased with how Paige wrapped up the story, I do see where she left room for a sequel which would be very exciting!

Author Info

Parker Paige has been writing fiction for several years with a passion for creating eccentric characters. She is fascinated with true stories and for that reason, she is drawn to the network Investigation Discovery like a drug. She is the author of “The Color Pink” and “Whitley and Austin.” She is not completely insane, maybe just a little bit crazy. She lives in Los Angeles. 

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