Friday, August 30, 2013

Book Review: The Fourth Face of The Goddess

The Fourth Face of The Goddess
by Gale Perrigo Hamby

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"...What is the Fourth Face of the Goddess? She is the Dark Moon, the opposite of the Full Moon... She is the hidden face. She shows us the darkest pieces of ourselves... In Her peaceful night, we can pull these out unafraid...

May She bless and keep us all..."

So begins this book of original poetry. 

Stories about Nature, Goddesses and Gods, and adventures in timeless realms of fantasy mingle with Haiku of the Tarot's major arcana. Words that delve deep into the human heart and its quest for peace are illustrated with works of original art, and a wealth of photographs. 


The Fourth Face of The Goddess is a powerful compilation of short stories, poetry, and haikus describing the Major Arcana Tarot cards. Gale Perrigo Hamby’s literary work most definitely reflects her life as a practicing witch. She takes readers on a journey through moon phases, seasonal changes, and the evolution of the Goddess.

Each turn of the page led me on a new adventure through Gail’s knowledge of the natural world and life experiences. For me, this is more than a book to read and enjoy. It is a resource that I will forever use during my magical times and moments of meditation. The Fourth Face of The Goddess is a tool for those of us who feel the call of nature and listen with ears wide open.


Written by a Wiccan priestess and witch, this will speak to those familiar with that path, but also illuminates the teachings and legends of Wicca for every reader. Poems about the eight high holidays of pagan tradition and meditations on the Quarters are included, and selections taken from the author's CD of words and music "Never Again the Burning.


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