Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Book Review & Giveaway: THE ANTITHESIS By Terra Whiteman

By Terra Whiteman
Genre: Grimdark Sci-Fi / Dystopian Sci-Fi

Civil war between demons and angels lies just on the horizon. Alezair Czynri, member of the Purgatorial Jury, is thrown into a world of murder, exploitation, chemical substances, betrayal and bureaucratic red tape as he and his court attempt to diffuse escalating conflicts.

Yet things are not as they seem. Ever since his induction into the Celestial Court, Alezair has been treated with cool indifference by the Justice Commander, Leid Koseling. A former prisoner of the Nexus Initiative, Justice Czynri exists without any memories of his former life, the consequence of being a slave merc for hire.
But Purgatory is strangely familiar, and slowly little pieces start coming back. There might be a good reason why Alezair's boss keeps him at arm's length.

My Review

This book took me by surprise. Terra Whiteman won me over with her action-packed introduction of the story, stimulating environment descriptions, and the characters, Alezair Czynri and Leid Koseling. I loved Alezair's humor.

Whiteman’s writing was easily captivating and the dialogue is nothing less than entertaining. The plot contains suspense and wonder. I thought the court system she created that set balance between the angels and demons was a fascinating twist. I eagerly found myself blowing through this story waiting on the answers to some questions.

I was not disappointed at all and highly recommend this book to those who enjoy the awesome mix of sci-fi, dystopian, and romance.

Author Bio

Terra Whiteman is a clinical scientist who writes dystopian science fiction in her spare time. Her life is a dish of pipettes, refractometers and immunossays, heavily seasoned with grimdark worlds and their battlegrounds. She’s profane, opinionated, and if you met her you’d think she’s really weird.

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