Saturday, March 28, 2015

Review & Giveaway: Rock Your Shop: A Guide to Building, Branding, and Rocking Etsy

Rock Your Shop: A Guide to Building, Branding, and Rocking Etsy
By Shai Ford
Genre: Creative Business, How-to, Art & Design


'Rock Your Shop: A Guide to Building, Branding, and Rocking Etsy' is a one-stop guidebook for both newbie and veteran Etsians alike. From creating your shop all the way down to branding and SEO, Shai Ford pulls from 8.5 years of selling on Etsy and 4 years of social media marketing and branding, along with interviews, tips, and examples from successful sellers, to walk you step-by-step through creating, branding, and marketing your own shop. 

My Review

Shai Ford is an Etsy genius! I am super happy she decided to take her knowledge and compile a thorough and easy-to-follow book on being the best Etsy seller you can be. While a lot of this information is geared toward newbies, it's definitely worthwhile to veteran Etsy sellers. Etsy shops should stay fresh and fun, so read through this book and make some uplifting changes to your shop.

The book covers the basics, such as forming listings, following Etsy policies, creating a bio, but also goes in-depth about branding, packaging, SEO, and marketing. As if all of the above wasn't enough to blow your creative mind, Rock Your Shop also has interactive activities for you to do and apply to your shop as you make your way through the book. Photos, examples, interviews ... this should be the OFFICIAL guide to rocking Etsy!

Author Bio

Shai Ford is a 29-year-old mom, social media campaign manager, and Etsy veteran. She currently runs her own Etsy shop as well as, and offers one-on-one business coaching for Etsians and other small business folks, targeting everything from product creation to social media marketing. As an artist, and a peace and social justice rights activist, Shai loves helping and watching 'the little man' succeed and reach their dreams. 


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The author is offering 10 ebook copies of Rock Your Shop OR a professional critique of your Etsy shop – Winner’s Choice!

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Sage and Shai, you both inspire me so much! I am blessed to know both of you!