Friday, May 1, 2015

Book Review: Four by Chris Johns #litfiction #suspense

Four By Chris Johns
Genre:  Literary Fiction
Release Date: April 30, 2015
Publisher: Three Faced Media, LLC

Book Description

What if you realized the world faced an apocalyptic future of devastation and destruction from pollution, overpopulation and global warming... and you knew how to stop it...

What would you do? Tom Bianco is the senior biologist at Habitat Conservation Foundation, an environmental advocacy group. Through his own experiences and research reports published by the world's environmental scientists, Tom has become convinced that humans are destroying the natural world and eventually destroy themselves.

My Review

This book's plot started around the topic of disease, global warming, and overpopulation, but evolved into something more complex and gripping. Two unusual characters meet; Tom, a man who lives by science, and Rusty, a man who lives by God. What begins as a simple conversation over chili, swiftly becomes a partnership that will affect every single human on the planet.

I was intrigued by the plot and feel the author found a very unusual, but successful way to put a twist on a topic that has been written about time and again. The partnership of science and faith was perfect, and I really liked the growth of the characters.

The ending did leave me with some questions. I'd love to see a second book from this author! Definitely a great read with suspense, science, and the responsibility we each hold on this planet.

Author Bio

Chris Johns is an anonymous pen name for a writer from Milwaukee, WI.


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Chris Johns 3434 said...

Thank you for hosting and reviewing FOUR on May 1. I found your thoughts on the novel very insightful. – Chris