Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Book Review: Epiphanies Whilst High Out of One’s Mind By H.T. Yim

Epiphanies Whilst High Out of One’s Mind
By H.T. Yim
Genre: Narrative Non-Fiction, Personal Memoirs and Humor

Book Description:

Epiphanies Whilst High Out of Ones Mind is a thought provoking and consciousness-raising essay series following a young woman's often-humorous and ever-poignant journey on the path to becoming a stoner.

Already heralded by critics as an “honest revelation of the soul,” Yim’s full-length nonfiction work entertains and educates – offering a decidedly unique narrative exploration of recreational marijuana use at the same time that paradigmatic law reform is changing the way the country legislates this still-controversial substance.

“I wanted to write a book that was accessible and fun to read, and – just as importantly – one that promoted responsible consumption,” explains Yim, a Third Wave feminist and dedicated advocate for drug policy reform. “I’ve learned so much about the substance over the years, both positive and negative, and hopefully readers will benefit from those lessons.

“Especially as we enter a new era of understanding, I believe it’s important to challenge lingering misconceptions about cannabis, as many are as unfair as they are inaccurate.”

Epiphanies Whilst High Out of Ones Mind is a must-read for nonfiction lovers, marijuana enthusiasts, or anyone interested in gaining a fuller appreciation of the opportunities and obstacles that lay ahead for the future of cannabis and its path toward social legitimacy.

As a graduate of University of Toronto with an Honours B.A. in Political Science and English, Yim is also a prolific blogger with a passionate and loyal following.

“I want to help shatter the stigma associated with marijuana, which dates back to the 1930’s,” explains Yim. “Epiphanies allows readers to learn while laughing and glimpsing the world from the perspective of an average user – breaking down stereotypes and exploring the beauty of the Cannabis plant and its many medicinal, sedative, and creative uses.”

My Review

This was an interesting read. It is part memoir and part educational. It's blended very well though and never feels choppy while reading. We meet the author during a time where she is experimenting with marijuana. Readers follow along as she "greens out" and receives many epiphanies while high.

Yim is a great writer, so while this was a quick read, it felt fulfilling. I learned quite a bit about cannabis and the etiquette of smoking it. I also enjoyed reading the author's epiphanies. They were deep, yet sensible. A good read for those who appreciate nonfiction and can open their mind to this subject matter.

Author Bio

Hayoung Terra Yim is a graduate of University of Toronto with an Honours B.A. in Political Science and English.

She is a Third Wave feminist and a member of the Canadian Students for Sensible Drug Policy. She is the author of Epiphanies Whilst High Out Of One’s Mind: a series of narrative nonfiction essays written on the subject of cannabis, seeking to both entertain and educate. Her blog, www.potandprose.com, provides insightful and incisive commentary on marijuana-related themes and confronts today’s most controversial topics in an approachable, yet direct way. Her writing has been published on Elephant Journal and Ladybud Magazine and she is an avid fan of all things science-fiction and fantasy.


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