Monday, June 15, 2015

Book Review: Scarlet Ambrosia by David Gittlin (#giveaway)

Scarlet Ambrosia
by David Gittlin
Genre: Paranormal, Paranormal Romance, Thriller

How does a nice Jewish accountant tell his parents he’s become a vampire?  If only that were his biggest problem.

A one night stand, an error in judgment, a wrong turn—words can barely describe the events that thrust Devon Furst into the arms of a beautiful vampire lover.
The violent aftermath of that fateful night threatens to burn Devon’s eternal life down to ashes and endangers the lives of everyone close to him.

Everything in Devon’s life changes in the span of a few hours.  When he asks Mathilde de Roche one too many questions, the troubled vampiress has no choice but to offer Devon two terrible alternatives: Death or life as a vampire.  For a man aged twenty-eight and in perfect health, death is not an option.  Mathilde’s alluring beauty makes the decision and her vampire blood easier to swallow.

Devon must leave behind everyone and everything he holds dear to face a future full of uncertainty, and a five-hundred-year-old enemy endowed with super-human powers.

My Review

Scarlet Ambrosia is a paranormal story about vampires, but not in the usual way in which vampires are delivered to readers. We see some similarities with Gittlin's vampires & the common vampire, such as beauty, super-human strength, and the ability to seductively lure their victim.

Devon is your average man who becomes a vampire after a one-night stand with a female vampire, Mathilde. As quick as this woman appears, she is gone again, leaving Devon to figure out what to do in this new life. Mathilde returns along with some vampire drama that threatens Devon and his loved ones.

I recommend this book those who enjoy the paranormal, especially with vampires. It's a fast-paced read with passionate encounters, action, and adventure!

Author Bio:
After a career in marketing communications, David Gittlin wrote screenplays before turning to novels.  His first novel, “Three Days to Darkness,” was a recent nominee to the James Kirkwood Prize for creative writing.  “Scarlet Ambrosia” is his second novel.  He lives a quiet and happy life in Aventura, Florida with his wife, Bonnie.


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