Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Book Review: Riding By Cassia Cassitas

By Cassia Cassitas
Genre: Fiction/Parenting and relationship/Special needs

Book Description

Amidst real events and landscapes, men and women like us wander the cities we inhabit, rehearsing happier lives in the pages of this motivational narrative. From each one, destiny took a part to make them perfect.

When he is born, AndrĂ© propels his mother’s life in a new direction, shifting her focus away from her professional aspirations. His father, an executive who organizes Olympic competitions around the world and doesn’t know when to come back home, strives to make him a worldly citizen. Cycling, his life acquires purpose: becoming an Olympic para-athlete.

Together with his friends, he experiences disappointments and new beginnings. A doctor that builds robots, the daughter of a lonely teenager, and a retired athlete teach André how to overcome his limits and live his dream.

Set in Curitiba with breaks in Los Angeles, Seoul, Johannesburg and Soweto, Barcelona, ​​Atlanta, Sydney, Athens, Beijing and London, the narrative ends in 2012, in Rio de Janeiro.

As a tribute to all those who choose to sign the next episodes of their lives, this book is about overcoming one’s self amid achievements, obstacles, love and heroism, written behind the scenes of life.

My Review

This author has a unique writing style. Riding is not your usual fiction piece. The characters' perspectives feel more detached, as if they are telling you about the experience at another time opposed to the reader being a part of the unfolding events. 

In Riding, we have a couple who are active within the Olympics community. The father spends a lot of time traveling while the mother has slowed her pace to raise their special needs son. Readers follow the son as he grows and becomes a para-athlete.

Cassitas's descriptions are very well-written. I enjoyed how many different cultures were covered in the story. It felt educational, while being based around a fiction story.

Author Bio:

Cassia Cassitas made her career in technology. She has remained in academics both as a teacher and a student, working on innovative projects including those that involve prospects.

She specialized in philosophy and existence,information engineering, and college didactics. Currently she studies French, due to her husband's influence, and English to enlarge her world.

Mother to two adolescents who devour books, Cassia published her first work, Sunday, The Game, in 2010, a digital best seller in Brazil. And then Saga of Wealth in 2013. Cassia Cassitas lives with her family in Curitiba, where her dreams prosper under the eyes of her readers.

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