Saturday, August 15, 2015

Book Review: The Lord of Shadows Rises By James Terzian

The Lord of Shadows Rises
By James Terzian
Genre: Fantasy

It has been 200 years since the Lord of Shadows was sealed in a horrific battle with the Order of White Rose. Now the year is 1998, a boy with murdered parent's must gather allies to stop the once powerful Lord of Shadows from regaining his full power and breaking the seal. Learning from the Order of the White Rose guardians he must fight or his parents death would be in vain. From Norway to United States of America from China to Korea he must join with the other students and fight.

My Review

The Lord of Shadows Rises is an action-packed tale that takes readers to many parts of the world. The author starts the story with a bang and we meet a teen boy named Alexander. He loses his parents to a dangerous group attempting to locate a sacred key; a key passed down generations protecting the world from the dark Lord of Shadows. I especially enjoyed the meaning behind the White Rose Order.

The Lord of Shadows forms an army that defeats the masters in possession of the keys, but their pupils take ownership in attempt to defeat him. I commend the author for creating such an adventurous story while having a learning disability. He shows us that you can do anything you put your mind to. 

I think fans of fantasy, action, and martial arts should give this book a shot!

Author Bio

James Terzian is a upcoming Author with learning Disability in writing. Writing a novel to prove to others that having a Disability does not hinder you in anyway.  Born in Ukraine and came to America in 1992 at the age of five, Found his love for writing after graduation and is hoping to share his journey. Graduated with honor roll in High school despite his Disability, he strives to do what he loves, writing. He started to write fanfiction based on his childhood shows. Currently working in the school system in building service, he maintains the building for bright minds to learn and get an education.


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