Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Book Review & Giveaway: A Story of Now by Emily O'Beirn

A Story of Now
By Emily O'Beirn

Book Description

Nineteen-year-old Claire Pearson knows she needs a life. And some new friends. But brittle, beautiful, and just a little bit too sassy for her own good sometimes, she no longer makes friends easily. And she has no clue where to start on the whole finding a life front, either. Not after a confidence-shattering year dogged by bad break-ups, friends who have become strangers, and her constant failure to meet her parents sky-high expectations.

When Robbie and Mia walk into Claire’s work they seem the least likely people to help her find a life. But despite Claire’s initial attempts to alienate them, an unexpected new friendship develops.

And it’s the warm, brilliant Mia who seems to get Claire like no one has before. Soon, Claire begins to question her feelings for her new friend.

My Review

The author did an awesome job portraying a nineteen-year-old girl who isn't sure about what she whats to do with her life and is just taking things as they come. Claire goes to uni part time and works at a small pub. She clashes with her mom a lot about "growing up" and taking things (aka life) more serious.

Things become more complicated when she meets Mia. A medical student who has a clear path of what she wants to do with her future. The two build a friendship around coffee, weird parties, and art shows. They begin to explore other levels of their relationship and surprise each other constantly.

I have a rough time with some female characters in romantic stories, but I truly enjoyed the personalities of both Claire and Mia. I think their best bud, Robbie, is a fun character who adds quite a bit to their dynamic. This is a great book about being young, experimenting with your heart & staying true to yourself.

Author Bio 

Thirteen-year-old Emily woke up one morning with a sudden itch to write her first novel. All day, she sat through her classes, feverishly scribbling away (her rare silence probably a cherished respite for her teachers). And by the time the last bell rang, she had penned fifteen handwritten pages of angsty drivel, replete with blood-red sunsets, moody saxophone music playing somewhere far off in the night, and abandoned whiskey bottles rolling across tables.  Needless to say, that singular literary accomplishment is buried in a box somewhere, ready for her later amusement.

From Melbourne, Australia, Emily was recently granted her PhD. She works part-time in academia, where she hates marking papers but loves working with her students. She also loves where she lives but travels as much as possible and tends to harbour crushes


Author website: www.emilyobeirne.com
Publisher profile page: http://www.ylva-publishing.com/authors/emily-o-beirne/

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