Thursday, September 10, 2015

Book Review: Walking Home by Arleen Williams

Walking Home
By Arleen Williams
Genre: Women's Contemporary Fiction

Walking Home is a compelling glimpse into the lives of emigrĂ©s in modern day America–refugees from genocide and war. The book journeys from loss and grief to survival and joy. The story hits the ground running, literally, with Kidane’s escape from Africa that reaches far into his future into Seattle, Washington. Kidane battles with survivor guilt while he struggles to settle into Seattle, a new life, relationship, school and work. He wants the American dream but is haunted by the past where he survived horrific violence in Africa, and was forced to leave everything and everyone he loved, behind.

Beautifully written, this poignant and intimate portrait of survivors is a must read for anyone seeking to understand the lives of emigrants in our evolving communities.

My Review

This is such a powerful group of characters with intense backstories. Although they have started fresh in Seattle from their homeland of Africa, these characters still live with the darkness of their past. This story is very well-written. Arleen's descriptions are able to transport you to a place you've never been but can clearly envision. Walking Home takes you on a roller coaster ride of various emotions, but in the end you are left with thoughts of friendship, love, and creating your own family regardless of your roots. And hope. Walking Home is full of hope.

Author Bio 

Arleen Williams is a Seattle novelist, memoirist, and co-author of a dozen short books in easy English for adults. She teaches English as a Second Language at South Seattle College and has worked with immigrants and refugees for close to three decades. Arleen lives, cycles, and writes in Seattle.

Walking Home (Booktrope 2015) is the third book in The Alki Trilogy--all set in Seattle. The first book was Running Secrets (Booktrope 2013) and the second was Biking Uphill (2014).

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