Thursday, March 31, 2016

Book Review: Jaxson's Song By Angie West

Jaxson's Song
By Angie West
Genre: Romantic Suspense

Book Description

Some mistakes have far-reaching consequences, most secrets are better left untold, and bad neighbors can make your life hell.

If these walls could talk… When Kate inherits her aunt’s aging Florida home, financial woes and sheer desperation cause her to set aside a decade-old vow to never again set foot in the Sunshine State. But Kate will soon find that her new home is full of shadows and secrets.

My Review

I am amazed that the author was able to include such a complex backstory within this page amount. Jaxson's Song is an interesting blend of romance, paranormal, and mystery. Author Angie West opens so many doors in the beginning and drops off a ton of questions and suspense. She does a smooth job wrapping up all loose ends and answering questions until the last page. West drops a bomb. Now I need to read the next book immediately. A quick and fulfilling read!

Author Bio 

I’ve been writing fiction for a few years now, mostly fantasy and romance. I rescue and raise mini-lop and lion-head rabbits and I love reading—anything and everything, particularly romance and new adult written by indie authors.