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Book Review & Giveaway: Cassia By Lanette Kauten

By Lanette Kauten
Genre: Literary Women's Fiction
Evolved Publishing

Book Description

As a reporter living in Deep Ellum, all Tanya Falgoust wants is to be accepted as part of the underground arts district. But living among free thinkers and musicians doesn’t make her one of them. Then she meets the sensual, rebellious Cassia, a performance artist who struts onto the stage and into Tanya’s bed.

No one knows who Cassia is, but her beauty and talents as an actress and dancer captivate the local scene. Tanya is mesmerized, and they quickly form a relationship. A close friend warns Tanya about Cassia, but she brushes him off. But when Cassia refuses to divulge anything about herself, where she lives, or even her real name, Tanya starts to realize her friend was right. And the secrets her lover is hiding are deeper and more damaging than Tanya could imagine.

As the pull of their relationship deepens and becomes more volatile, Tanya must decide whether to break from her desire before she loses the one thing she wants most—connection to the musicians who have accepted her into their community.

My Review

I found Cassia to be a very interesting read. My favorite thing about this book was the way the author so easily created the artsy community with her words. I visualized the characters, setting, and lifestyles clearly as if I was watching a sensual and creative indie film.  

Even though Cassia's past was secretive, you had to appreciate how transparent of a person she was about how she lived her life. It was difficult for me to enjoy Tanya. She allowed her emotions to control so much of her character and while it seemed like she attempted to make good life choices, it was frustrating to follow her through some situations. I enjoyed Nick the most. I felt he was the most genuine person in the mix. 

I think readers who enjoy alternative stories about a vibrant underground world of musicians, artists, and the eclectic, should definitely give Cassia a shot. It has a great mix of romance, heat, and emotional connections. 

Author Bio 

I grew up in the suburbs of Dallas, TX, and moved all the way over to the next county… so, not very far. In high school, I was a serious and determined student with the goal of becoming a psychologist. However, an artistic desire awakened inside me during my late teens, and I became enamored with artists of all strains, and Deep Ellum became a home for my soul.
After a couple of years, I realized I would have to grow up eventually (actually, my mom realized that for me), so I went to nursing school and once again became a serious and determined student. While in school, I became fascinated with research, and after a few years of working as a floor nurse, I went into nephrology research and loved it!

Because just about everything interests me, I eventually picked up my long-dead hobby of writing, which I’m happy to say is now a budding career. My debut novel, HOUSE OF THISTLES, came out two years ago. I’m very proud of my latest, which takes place in an industrial arts neighborhood.

I’m married with two kids and a step-son, and I home school my youngest.

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