Tuesday, June 21, 2016

A late weekly wrap-up! Cabbage, potatoes, chickens, and more!

Happy Tuesday evening! It has been a busy week on the homestead. It was the last week of school for the kids, so a lot was happening, and their energy was bouncing all over the place. Plus, we had some family visit over the weekend which is why my weekly round up is being posted on Tuesday instead of Sunday. That's okay; the family is number one!

This week we harvested:

12 heads of Chinese cabbage
A handful of cilantro

So far in 2016, we've harvested: 

Two dozen radishes
8 pounds of spinach
One small head of broccoli
A handful of chives
Two bundles of lemon balm
12 heads of  Chinese cabbage
A handful of cilantro


It's wild to see the space we have as we have begun to harvest the vegetables. I am still planning what will replace all of the cabbage. Speaking of, let's talk about how I planted too much Chinese cabbage! Okay, so I've harvested 12 heads. What in the world do you do with all of the cabbage you might ask? Well, I gave a few heads to friends and neighbors, and then I froze the rest. I am freezing the cabbage in different ways to see which way ends up tasting the best.

I washed the cabbage, plucked off the tiny slugs, and cut them into thick strips. The cabbage, not the slugs. I blanched those strips for just 30 seconds and then added them to cold water. They dried a bit and then went straight into the freezer bags. I think they will be great for stir-fry meals, casseroles, and soup. I also froze raw leaves and raw chunks of leaves. I want to see the difference of blanching vs. no blanching. I feel like a homesteading scientist right now. 

I still have about 8 - 10 heads of cabbage left to harvest. I think I will be doing more freezing and sharing. Also, a cabbage and potato casserole seems fitting for tonight's dinner.

Our beets have popped through the dirt to show their little green leaves, and our large potato plants have begun to flower which has me over the moon in excitement. I've also noticed some broccoli, cilantro, spinach, and cauliflower that are looking ready to be harvested. It's going to be another abundant week around here.


Our girls are around four months old which means fresh eggs may be in our near future. I like to check every few days just in case there is a surprise waiting. I tell the girls to lay when they are ready and no rush, but secretly I am growing impatient. Not so much for the eggs, but just for reaching such a big milestone with them especially after raising them from three days old.

My beautiful friend Rebbeckah from Harvest Moon Homestead blogged about a bee waterer and I was very intrigued to make my own. It's extremely simple to do and brings the bees much joy. I gathered some rocks and shells from around my yard and added them to a planter bottom, then simply filled it up with water. I placed my next to the chives which our local bees love dearly.

We here at the homestead are big jokesters and love to laugh. I thought I would leave you with some shenanigans that my 12-year-old daughter took part in with a growing tomato. Until next time!

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