Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Harvesting Potatoes & Cave Tools Grill Tongs!

Oh, my. A lot of things has been happening around the homestead since I last wrote an update. Good things, but hectic nonetheless. I think I jumped the gun and harvested my first barrel of potatoes too soon, but hey, it's all a learning experience. Let me tell you what happened. 

I had read as well have been told by other potato growers that you need to wait for your potato plant to flower, then when the stem and leaves begin to shrivel and die, stop watering and wait. Okay, I did all of that! I was still unsure if it was time. The stems fell over, the leaves wilted and turned yellow. I ever so gently slipped my hand into the dirt, and I could feel a hard round potato! 

It was time .... I think? I grabbed the potato plant as far down as I could reach and pulled up. Potatoes galore! But, they were a lot smaller than I thought they would be. I did get two or three hefty potatoes, but the rest were dainty. After pulling all of the plants, and digging down to the bottom, I ended up harvesting three pounds of small potatoes. 


So. I have a second potato plant that I heavily water because those potatoes need the water when the stems and leaves are large and vivacious. But, this time, when I see the stems fall over, I am going to allow the plant to have more time before I attempt to harvest potatoes. Maybe I will see a difference and maybe I won't? To enjoy a bountiful harvest, I need to try different things so I can discover the best way to care for crops.

After spending hours in the garden, my most favorite thing to do is grill out on our waterfront. We light a small fire in the outdoor grill and roast some veggie hot dogs. I was really excited when Cave Tools contacted me to see if I would be interested in reviewing one of their grilling products. Um, YES! I chose to review their stainless steel grill tongs. 

I was satisfied with the quality of the
tongs. They were sturdy, came with a locking bracket, and were super simple to handle. I used them to grill some vegan sausages, and they were perfect. The grill tongs made life easy because they securely grabbed the food when I had to flip them. No tearing or dropping of the sausages, YAY! And best part yet, they were easy to wash. 

If you enjoy grilling, then you'll be thrilled to know that Cave Tools is offering YOU a 15% Amazon Coupon Code on a purchase of Grill Tongs: QACGJYPJ

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*The review of the grill tongs is an honest review, I was not financially compensated to write any of it. I received a complimentary pair of tongs.

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