Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Rainbow Carrots Rule!

I noticed our carrot tops were falling over, so I checked my planting date and realized those babies were ready to harvest. I waited to remove the carrots until after I watered the garden for the evening to make it easier. What a treat it was to pull each carrot out of the ground and see a new color. 

After building a mountain of carrots on a baking tray, I brought them inside to show the family. Everyone was picking their favorite color or shape and of course, crunching away on carrots. I weighed our loot and was excited to see we grew almost three pounds of carrots in just a few square feet of our garden. I chopped the carrot tops off and filled two, one-gallon bags. Our bunnies and guinea pigs will be feasting on those nutritious greens for awhile!

I can't wait to roast the beautiful carrots. I can just sit and stare at the picture in awe of all of the vivid colors. How cool! Oh, speaking of bright colors. I made a red cabbage and potato hash last night with the two heads of red cabbage we harvested last week. I love the purple color of the cabbage, too!

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