Thursday, September 22, 2016

Book Review: Living In My Father's Dream by Johnnie Renee Perez

Living In My Father's Dream: Weep Me Not, aka The Tears of God
By Johnnie Renee Perez
African American - Street Fiction

Book Description

Society believes that bad parenting causes the troubles of the inner cities. Fact is: there is no excuse for bad parenting when Mafia blood is raised in the hood. The only grandson of a Mafia drug lord ANTONIO “SHAWN” PEREZ, JR. wanted to be a drug dealer at the age of twelve, but his dad said no. Just to teach him that drugs are a killer, he made Shawn sit in a country chair and watch him OD on heroin. Twenty-one years later, and mentally sick, all Shawn wants now is to be free from the memories of his dad’s death, and for his grandfather to stay out of his life. Little did Shawn know that the day he sat to watch his dad die, his grandfather saw his strength and wanted him as the family’s hitman. But Shawn knows his grandfather supplied his dad with the drug he needed to OD, and refuses to be a hitman for him, or allow him visits with his niece.
Determined to get what he wants, Shawn grandfather has his niece (which everyone in the family knows is Shawn’s biological child) kidnapped by the man they want dead. 

Now mentally sick, angry, and dishearten, Shawn becomes the family’s one-time hitman. His Job: to kill a rising heroin dealer, the baddest drug dealer in the hood.

My Review

Living In My Father's Dream is an emotional family drama set in an urban environment. It's a story of loyalty and suspense. The main character, Shawn, shows readers the consequences of drug addiction, crime, and violence. He has to make a tough decision that will change his life forever.  

We need more diverse books like this one. Kudos to Ms. Johnnie Renee for writing about this subject matter. 

About the author

Ms. Johnnie Renee is a first-time author of Street Life fiction, and a writer of children’s fictional books. She loves children, believes at-risk youth can be mentored to make better choices in life. And she is an advocate for senseless pain in a mother’s heart.

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