Friday, November 25, 2016

Book Blitz: How Lenin and Stalin Brainwashed Russians

How Lenin and Stalin Brainwashed Russians
By Larisa Vetrova
Genre: Non-Fiction Historical

Ever wished to explore the atrocious murder frenzy of the Soviet Bolsheviks?

Each of sixteen book chapters peels off, layer after layer, how the Bolsheviks mercilessly repressed their citizens leading them to a state of near-serfdom.

Our concise, easy-to-read book is illustrated with more than fifty propaganda posters or photosAt the end of each chapter, quotes from evil thinkers like Marx, Engels, Lenin, Stalin and others have been added.

By reading it, you will build a solid foundation of the Soviet Russian era and how the Communist Bolsheviks sought to brutally impose their Utopia. The 1917 Bolshevik Revolution with its aftermath had an immense impact on the Russian society and till today, has been mostly ignored or regretfully poorly covered by our Western mass media.

In this innovative book covering the period between 1917 and 1939 (two more books are in preparation spanning from 1940 till the USSR meltdown in 1991), you will read namely:

⦁ How two Russian dictators, Lenin and Josef Stalin created a Political System that murdered Millions of Innocent Russians;
⦁ How the Bolshevik Propaganda was Organized;
⦁ The Red Army and its Exactions;
⦁ The State-controlled Executioners: the Cheka and NKVD;
⦁ How botched collectivizations of Russian Farmers created large-scale famines;
⦁ The Silent Power Struggle in the Kremlin;
⦁ Stalin and the Great Purge;
⦁ And more on ceaseless tidal waves of Bolshevik Repressions.

Can you truly afford to ignore past crucial political events when nowadays widespread radical Islamic terrorism tries to impose another form of Utopia on our Western Civilization? "

Author Bio 

Born in 1962 in St. Petersburg in a Nomenklatura family ­(my father was a Colonel in the Soviet Army in charge of the satellites launching pad of Ba├»konour), I spent my youth following a mandatory schooling programme primarily geared to root in our young brains “How Beautiful and Promising” our future world would be, following Marxism­Leninism ideals.

Later on, at St. Petersburg University, I earned a Masters degree in Social Psychology. I also managed in the last few years to access the official USSR archives recently opened to the public.

I quickly understood how visual and printed propaganda, though primitive and misleading, could lead to straight, profound social manipulation that led to mass assassinations of our people.

I spent most of my life in Russia till the days of Perestroika, the fall of the Berlin wall and the next ten years that saw namely a devaluation of one thousand percent of the Russian Ruble.

In 2002, I met my Belgian husband, emigrated to his country and now my heart and soul belong to Belgium  

No longer enslaved by Soviet propaganda, I decided to create a suite of three ebooks collecting the most interesting posters supported by narratives on specific Bolshevik fallacies or just straight lies. These Soviet posters will show better than any words the sad and traumatic history of my country as well as the deepest psychological problems it created among Russian citizens confronted with cold­-blooded Soviet murderers. 

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Larisa Vetrova said...

Thanks Sage for posting my long blurb on my first book on Soviet Union. I hope that some readers will find the time to analyze what barbaric Communism can lead to. In retrospect, I have now the distressing feeling that neither Communism, Fascism or Wild Capitalism are acceptable political solutions for social justice.