Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Book Blitz: Still Beautiful: The Color of Beauty by Kevin Bates

Still Beautiful: The Color of Beauty
By Kevin Bates
Genre: Poetry
Paperback price $13.99

"Still Beautiful" takes readers on a path of nostalgia; a time where "Black is beautiful" wasn't just a phrase, it was a way of life. Kevin's words paint memorable portraits of social injustices, marches, afros, and grandmas's cooking. His poems show us how unity is important in getting through tough times, and no matter the issue Black is the color of Beauty.

About the Author

I am a devoted reader and writer. Each day is spent wandering in the world of words. Never lost just going to different places. My frequent reader miles are piled up with many words. Gaining many thoughts then sharing with friends and family. I’ve learned words shared correctly through speech or in print can be very powerful. I hope to share them with you so we come to an understanding not to be powerful but to be your brother under God. 

As a kid my mother brought me into the world of words. She would read with her sweet angelic voice taking me so far away doing things I never did before. Living the adventures of the people she read about. She teaching me the words she thought I do not know. Soon afterward when I asked her to read another she would tell me to pick a book off the shelf & to read it myself. 

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