Friday, April 13, 2012

Peep into my Favorite Book

I want to start off by saying that the Olympia Timberland Library rules. There is constantly something fun planned for adults, teens, and kids. One of the events this month is Peep into my Favorite Book: a Peeps Diorama Contest. As soon as I told my kids about it they were eager to create a diorama.

My oldest daughter Emily is 11-years-old and a big fan of The Hunger Games. It was no surprise that she chose to do a Hunger Games diorama. She wanted the central focus to be on the cornucopia. If you aren't familiar with the book (or movie) then you probably have no idea what I am talking about. In the Hunger Games the cornucopia is filled with weapons, food, medicine, and various survival supplies.

Bella is my 8-year-old daughter who loves Amelia Bedelia and all of her kookiness. She instantly knew which book she wanted to choose for her diorama project.

We filled our table with craft supplies, crayons, and shoe boxes. While Emily began to draw trees onto the sides of her shoe box, I started forming the shape of the cornucopia out of tin foil. Next, she worked on Katniss' braid and coloring the lake while I hand-stitched mini felt backpacks and sleeping bags.

Bella's diorama was themed around the book page that read, "Remember?" said Amelia Bedelia. "You said these books needed jackets. So I made a jacket for each one." 

Bella made the mini books while I cut out felt jackets to go with them. She decided she wanted "Peep" Amelia Bedelia to be knitting behind a desk so I reused our Peep box and made a desk and chair. We broke a toothpick in half and covered both pieces with tin foil for Amelia Bedelia's knitting needles.

I am really proud of the work the girls put into their pieces. It was great to see how in awe they were of how each diorama turned out. I safely packed up the dioramas and I am excited to say that they survived the 3 city bus rides it took to get them through some errands and finally to the library.

Tonight we are going to the Olympia Library where the winners will be announced. Both of the dioramas were entered into the Family category. Wish us luck!

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Amanda said...

Good luck, girls!!! Those look great!