Thursday, October 18, 2012

Love is a Radical Act

Love is a Radical Act is an art installation created by Sam and Kelly. The ceramic hearts they made symbolize that loving one another for who they are is a radical act, and I couldn’t agree more. Allowing people to be themselves is the true act of love. I knew I wanted to participate in this awesome creative movement as soon as a friend had shared the website link on her Facebook page.

I bought a pack of five hearts and have decided where each one is going. I am mailing two of them to pals on the east coast to hang in their neighborhood. The third will be hung near Olympia Timberland Library, one of my favorite places in Olympia, a place that I have felt much love. The fourth is going home with my friend Kris who is currently visiting from England. The fifth one will be hung on the Evergreen State College campus.

I was excited to hear that Sam and Kelly plan to visit Olympia this weekend and host installation events. To learn more about them, click here.

As I was typing this post up, my daughter walked into the room wearing her LOVE YOUR WORLD shirt. I had to snap a photo of her with a heart. Love IS a radical act. Pass it on.

I hope you’ll join Sam and Kelly in this radical love movement and order your own hearts to display in your community. Please visit their website to read more about the project, order hearts, and view pictures of people who are already spreading the love.


Sarah @ Made in USA Challenge said...

Love this idea! Sometimes the smallest gestures make the biggest impact.

Unknown said...

How cool! What an amazing project :)

Love Letters 7.10

crunchyfarmbaby said...

What an awesome idea! Thanks so much for sharing this!

Unknown said...

Wow, what a big act of "love". Such a wonderful project.

Unknown said...

Thank you SOOOO much for sharing this! I hope to buy some and share the love on campus very soon! ♥