Saturday, December 1, 2012

DIY Advent Calendar

Every year I watch as my friends post cool and crafty advent calendars they’ve made for their kids. And every year I vow that “ next year” I will make one, too. Next year rolls around, and I forget until I see those photos from my friends.

This year I made one! I thought of multiple different ways to make the calendar. My issue was the cost to make three calendars, one for each kid. It’s no secret: I’m frugal.

Finally, this is what I came up with –

I also had to consider space for three separate calendars, so I chose one sock for each day. The socks are large enough that I can slip three different treats in each one. It’s simple, cost-efficient, and eco-friendly because the kids get to wear the socks when the calendar is complete!

What I did…

I decided to go to the dollar store and buy four packs of holiday socks and then two 3-pack of white socks. My total cost was $6.00. I had two pairs of socks at home that I planned on using, so in all, I had twenty-four single socks.

I took two sheets of red card stock and made 24 tags, and added numbers on each tag using stickers. Everything I used to make the tags came from my craft collection.

I cut a long piece of ribbon and strung it from one side of my mantel to the other. I hung each sock & tag with a clothes pin (bought a large pack at the dollar store)

My total cost for the advent calendar was $7.00!


Brittney Minor said...

Love it! It looks so easy and I should have everything in my house! I need to make one considering today is the 1st! Pinning!

TheVagabondStudio said...

I love this!!! I never would have thought to use socks. lol

Melanie Schemanski said...

Love this! What a fantastic idea. One reason I haven't done one is having 6 kids, so this would work out perfectly for more than one! Great creativity!

Tracey @ said...

I love the idea of using socks. Cute idea.