Friday, March 1, 2013

DIY Green Crafts: Fishing Game

I've seen the green company,  Green Kid Crafts, on a few different parenting blogs and kept meaning to try them out. Last month they had an awesome special where the company offered their monthly art kit for FREE, you just had to pay shipping. Of course, I jumped on that deal.

I was super excited when the box arrived, and I found four different green activities for my son to make. Plus, a small bag of Annie's snack crackers, yay!

The first craft we chose was the fishing game. A fish template and colorful felt squares were included in the box. I'd like to mention that everything we needed for this craft was included except scissors.

Next, we attached one end of a stretchy cord to a pencil and the other end to a washer. Finally, velcro circles were stuck onto each side of the washer. Then, it was fishing time! We spread the fish on the ground, and my son "went fishing." The velcro pieces easily stuck onto the felt fish. A cute craft!

Next week I'll be posting about another activity from our "Food Adventures" themed box.

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DISCLAIMER: I wasn't hired or paid to write about Green Kid Crafts. I paid for the product and chose to do my own write-up.

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