Monday, March 18, 2013

UPDATE #2: 100 Things in 2013

31. Wash my van. - Done!

41.  Write 30 letters in 30 days. - Throughout the month of February I sent 30 pieces of mail which included all handwritten letters & postcards.

51.  Find a cheaper place to live in Olympia. - I talked to my landlord & was able to come to an agreement where I can stay in my current residence with a reduced monthly rent. AWESOME.

97.  Buy floor mats for my van. - After I washed my van & vacuumed the inside, I purchased floor mats. I feel fancy now.

To view my list of 100 Things in 2013, go HERE.


Melanie Lamanna said...

Yay!!! Awesome!! I forgot we washed our van too. I'll have to see if I put that on my list!! ;)

Sage said...

It's sad that I have to add "wash my van" onto a list so I am motivated to do it. But hey ... it worked :)

Celia said...

Absolutely fantastic! Need to get mine done already! So proud of you Sage!

Anonymous said...

I can't wait for it to stop snowing and be nice out so that the kids and I can hand wash my Explorer. Don't feel bad washing my Explorer is on my 2013 100 list too.. LOL