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Book Review: Everybody Else's Girl by Sarah Sawyers-Lovett

Everybody Else's Girl
By Sarah Sawyers-Lovett
Sweet Candy Press   (
Publication date: September 12, 2013
Genre: Memoir
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Book Description

Set in Tazewell, Virginia, a town whose wholesome storefronts and country charm hide an undercurrent of poverty and lawlessness, Everybody Else's Girl tells the story of growing up poor amid unspeakable violence. Broken-down trailer parks and gritty classrooms provide the background for this story of a girl searching for her voice.

Trigger Warning -
This book deals with heavy subject matter, such as addiction, sexual abuse, and violence. Please read with care.

My Review

Everybody Else’s Girl is a true-story of a young girl born into a gritty world of poverty and addiction. Sarah vividly describes her life growing up in a trailer park where she romped around with other children, but couldn’t escape the hands of abuse. While Sarah’s story is heart wrenching, there are light moments where she describes her Ninny and the good that her grandmother brought into her life.

Sarah takes readers through the tragedy of losing her younger brother, her own addiction, and coming out. I never got the impression that Sarah wants us to feel sorry for her; it’s more of sharing her tale of survival amid pain and chaos.

This book is unique in the way the author has split her story up into two main categories: What Happened and What Helped. The second half of the book details the things throughout her life that helped her break away from the dysfunctional lifestyle and move to being the person she is today.

Author Info: Sarah Sawyers-Lovett

Sarah Sawyers-Lovett was born in Tazewell, Virginia. She isn't offended if you haven't heard of it. Everybody Else's Girl is Sarah's first long-form memoir. She lives in Philadelphia with her wife and their hedgehog, where she makes balloon animals for money. Sarah enjoys pickles, punks and coffee. She writes zines and blogs and you can find more of her work at

You can also find Sarah on Goodreads.

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