Monday, February 24, 2014

Book Review: Heavy Hangs the Head by Taryn Hipp

Heavy Hangs the Head
By Taryn Hipp
139 pages
Published August 22, 2013 by Sweet Candy Press
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Book Description

Heavy Hangs the Head is a memoir novella about a woman with an addiction, a mental illness, and a feminist identity. It is the story of one woman's journey from anxiety-ridden child to delinquent teenager to divorced alcoholic. This is the story of how she turned all those years of experiences into a beautiful existence.

My Review

Taryn Hipp is an alcoholic who hit rock bottom in her early thirties. Heavy Hangs the Head is her memoir novella about growing up with young parents and falling into a pattern of drinking, wanderlust, and facing mental health issues. It’s evident how proud she is to be the oldest sibling of four and how becoming an aunt strengthened her in many ways.

After a failed marriage to someone she immensely loved, Taryn’s addiction spiraled out of control. Ending up in jail and then living with her mother, she vowed to never touch alcohol again.

Taryn’s story is raw and honest. She does not sugar coat the ugly truth about addiction. Taryn begins to see a light at the end of her dark tunnel when she falls in love again, embraces sobriety, and begins the next chapter of her life. 

Author Bio

Taryn Hipp is an old tattooed college lady who has been making zines for more than half her life. Currently she writes the perzine "Ladyteeth," a collection of stories about her experiences being depressed, getting divorced, getting sober, & falling in love.


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