Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Healing with Body Talk

In July, I attended my first Body Talk session with Rita Tortorello. Prior to attending my appointment this morning, I had limited knowledge about the body talk system. After browsing Rita's website, I was under the impression it involved your body’s energy and communication, realignment, etc.
From Rita’s website: I help people identify and release their stories, beliefs and emotional perceptions which lead to dis-ease in body, mind and spirit.
Rita has a soothing spirit and it’s extremely easy to talk with her. We chatted about life things for a bit and she asked me why I was interested in body talk. My first thought was ‘I don’t know?’ I felt like something within myself was a bit off and I needed to make an appointment.

After chatting, I laid on her massage table and Rita began doing her thing, which involved soft tapping, talking, energy movement, belly gurgling, and laughing. I was amazed how relaxed I felt. It’s hard to explain the experience unless you’ve been through an energy/healing/Reiki session and I am sure each experience is different for everyone. Rita moved her hands around various organs and explained things to me as she went. She was completely in tune with my body’s energy.

I felt as if I had a real breakthrough when Rita asked me a specific question that directed her to an energy blockage in my arm. We discussed the issue and my eyes began to water. It all made sense. The entrapment of a specific emotion was stalling me from moving forward and I truly believe without Rita’s help I would have never been aware of this block.

I was stunned that Rita was able to pick up on a moment in my life that occurred over eight years ago. Something I have never talked to Rita about - an event that was still lingering with me physically even though I have taken steps to let go of it in other ways.

I left happy and excited. Rita calls herself “a tool” to help others. I know her gifts are capable of assisting our hearts, minds, and bodies in communicating with each other so that we can heal and live a harmonious life.

If this all sounds too woo-woo for you then I don’t know what to say. I believe energy exists inside all of us. I believe wounds can leave marks on us in ways that we can’t always explain, but they are there. I know that I am looking forward to my next visit and Rita’s Body Talk sessions are now being added to my self-care list.  

You can learn more about Rita and her Body Talk practice here:
Rita Tortorello 
Olympia WA  USA

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