Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Book Review: Spring Blessings by SC Houff

Spring Blessings
First Book in the From the Files of the Department of the Arcane Series
By S.C. Houff
Genre: Urban Fantasy

Asher Stone didn't want to be a hero. After spending two years recovering from an isolating drug habit, his life was getting on track. He had a girlfriend who he loved very much. He was holding down a job and had a repaired relationship with his mother. One day, Asher was attacked by a manticore that escaped the clutches an order of magi and his world gets turned upside down. Now, Asher is dealing with old temptations and new problems and a destiny that he has to embrace or the fate of the world will crash down on him. The only thing Asher can hope is that Blessings and Hope do spring eternal in this first book in a series.

My Review

Spring Blessings is an extremely imaginative and fun read! I feel that the author has done a phenomenal job creating an environment with so many fantasy elements, yet plenty of pop culture references which I appreciated. Along with humans, this story contains witches, vampires, werewolves, demons, angels, fae and others! They all blend smoothly with each other and the story line.

Protagonist Ashton Stone thinks he is just a normal dude until he gets mauled by a lion (actually it is a manticore.) Secrets and truth from his past begin to unravel and lead him on a magical journey of discovery.

I love the humor, the wonder, and depth of each character. My only criticism is that I wish the book cover was more reflective of the story. I fear fantasy readers may pass this gem up if basing Spring Blessings solely on the cover.

Author Bio

S.C. Houff was born in the backwoods of Southwestern Virginia to a small town lawyer and a recovering radical.  She has been a telemarketer, a part-time educator and occasional bodyguard but now is working on writing.  She has started working on her very first novel which is fun for everyone.  When she is not writing she’s perusing her other love which is history.  She also is an avid fan all things nerdy and fun. While she’s not received any accolades for her writing, S.C. Houff is a two time Geography B champion.


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