Friday, May 29, 2015

Book Review: His Wants, Her Needs By Elena Burnett

His Wants, Her Needs
By Elena Burnett
Genre: Dating, Relationships
In this book, my desire is to share with you what I have learned about men in my 20 years of working with them. I’ll address some of the concerns many women, including myself, have always had about men and relationships. You might not like some of my answers, but it is important for you to see them for what they are. The idea is to expose you to the way young men see romance, especially right-handed men, since these men are more rational about love than left-handed men can be. If you have read any of my other books, you already know that lefty men are more sensitive than an average guy. So please keep that in mind.
Here’s the difference between you man, boyfriend, husband, or lover and me when we’re talking about the nature of relationships: a man’s goal is usually simple—he wants your vagina. His wants to have a good time, and there’s nothing wrong with that, necessarily. If that wasn’t the reason, he wouldn’t have the motivation to approach you in the first place. His physical desire for you is why he comes to talk to you. He finds you attractive and wants to be close; there’s nothing else. Don’t go farther than that in your head thinking by thinking he has any other motivation.
I, on the other hand, have a very different goal: I want to help you get it right with your guy so you can get the security and love you deserve.
I’m what some people would call a “disinterested third party.” That means I’m free to tell you the things guys won’t because they don’t want to lose their chance to get you in the sack or hurt your feelings. My work as a relationship specialist is to translate what guys would not tell you directly.
Some of what I tell you may be unexpected, but you must trust me and be open to learning. I’ll tell you how men truly perceive love and sex, and I’ll expose your fairy-tale ideas about them, too. The more information you collect about men, the easier it will be for you to get it right and do your 50% correctly.

My Review

This is a quick read full of Elena's advice on how to step up from casual encounters to landing a healthy relationship. This ebook is geared to women readers about how to navigate the male brain. She has an interesting perspective on how men and women work - the differences and how to blend together. I think His Wants, Her Needs would be helpful to younger women who haven't had too many serious relationships. While I didn't agree with all of the suggestions, I do think there is some good material in the book. 
Author Bio

Elena was born in France and raised between Paris and Madrid. Elena is Multilingual and world traveled,  speaks French, Spanish, English and Italian.  She has been living in the United States for the past 14 years and received her Bachelor's Degree in Metaphysical Healing Art here as well.

Elena is an International Relationship and Dating Specialist with more than 20 years of experience helping men and women in their romantic life, having studied extensively with Dr. Pat Allen.. Elena is also an Spiritual Counselor. Her interest in Alchemy and the Esoteric sciences spans her entire lifetime. Her specialty is tarot card, palmistry, face analysis and numerology, with an emphasis on relationships of all types and career readings.

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