Monday, January 11, 2016

Book Review: Fixed By Doug Piotter

By Doug Piotter
Genre: Dark comedic memoir

Fixed is a darkly comedic memoir that spans my unsupervised youth, drug and alcohol addiction, bank robbery, life in prison and ultimately my release and re-entry into my life’s new and sober orbit. With the perspective gained from more than two decades of sobriety, I give an accounting of my debauched life with humor and irreverence.

I grew up with alcoholic parents trapped inside their own lonely skins, a painful childhood full of cold shoulders and broken furniture. I burst onto the drug scene at age eleven and thrived before slowly finding out that it wasn’t all that it was cracked up to be. With addiction taking over and dictating my every move, I tried to make sense of it all while gathering five felonies along the way.

At thirty-three, after a long string of bank robberies and my bad guy impersonation had run its course, I was brought back to life with the gift of prison and given the opportunity to re-invent myself and start my life over, from scratch. Upon release, I learned that the universe is a kind and forgiving place, often strange and funny with plenty for everyone as long as I don’t forget where I came from.

My Review

Doug Piotter has written a memoir about his addiction, a sprint of bank robberies, and recovery. I like how clear his writer's voice comes through his story, especially his humor. He is able to discuss a rocky childhood and early drug addiction with brutal honesty and a few jokes. The love he has for his mother and siblings is evident. After numerous bank robberies he is busted and hauled off to serve 115 months in prison. The bulk of this memoir is about his prison life and stories about the other prisoners. Piotter keeps it real when talking about post-prison life and acclimating back into society. I found this to be an interesting read and recommend it to those who enjoy a good memoir.

About the Author 

After two decades of reckless behavior, gripping drug addiction and petty crime evolving into bank robbery ended on the day he started a 115-month prison sentence in 1993. He has been clean and sober and crime-free ever since, a remarkable turnaround against long odds that such a change was possible. Upon his release, Piotter built a successful construction company and became an active member of his recovery community. He lives in Seattle with his wife, artist Terrell Lozada.

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