Thursday, January 7, 2016

Book Review: The Sacred Disease: My Life with Epilepsy

The Sacred Disease: My Life with Epilepsy
By Kristin Seaborg MD
Genre: Memoir

Book Description

Young Kristin Seaborg had the world at her fingertips: a loving family, happiness and security, early admission to medical school--until the frightening diagnosis of epilepsy threatened to destroy both her career path and her health. Living in constant fear that her seizures would intensify and prevent her from practicing medicine, Kristin kept her condition a closely guarded secret, leading a tenuous double life as patient and practitioner.

A memoir of discovery, acceptance, and hope, The Sacred Disease chronicles Kristin’s tenacious fight for a seizure-free life. Remarkably, although Kristin's knowledge and expertise continue to develop as a pediatrician and mother, her experiences as a vulnerable patient provide the most valuable lessons of all.

My Review

Kristin's story is an emotional one. Her memoir starts from the beginning when she had her first seizure as a toddler. It seemed like she internalized a lot of the physical symptoms that were happening. I like that we (readers) are able to follow Kristin into her college and adult life. There are wonderful things like falling in love and discovering the passion to become a doctor, and then the scary things like seizures. I am in awe of how Kristin is able to juggle living with epilepsy, being a mother to three children, and being an incredibly busy doctor. I learned quite a bit about epilepsy and think those who are personally impacted could truly relate to this story.

Author Bio

Kristin is a practicing pediatrician in Madison, Wisconsin, where she lives with her husband and three children. She contributes magazine articles about pediatrics and parenting, and writes a blog about epilepsy, An advocate for epilepsy awareness, Kristin hopes that writing about her disease will help decrease the stigma associated with seizures. You can find Kristin at, on Facebook at Kristin Seaborg MD, Author, and on Twitter @KristinSeaborg.

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