Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Book Review: Heartache & Sin by Charles Soto

Heartache & Sin
By Charles Soto
Genre: Suspense, Drama

When a Midwestern farming town is hit hard by a crop-destroying drought, people are willing to put their faith into anything that might bring them some relief.

Steven Wheaton is burdened by the effects of the drought on his farm, and heartbroken knowing that the chances of starting a family with his wife Karen have been damaged by her recent diabetes diagnosis.

Devastated, Karen turns to the new pastor in town, looking for faith and guidance…but even her relationship with God cannot fill the void in her life.

When ulterior motives collide with harrowing miracles, where does the line between good and evil begin?

My Review

This was an emotional story! I can't help but become engrossed in a story that has a manipulative and scary religious leader. The Pastor is forming his own cult, running it with abuse and fear tactics. He has his eyes set on a sweet woman named Karen. Karen's husband begins to realize what a monster the Pastor is and how dangerous he is for their family. 

The author did a remarkable job with building suspense. I couldn't stop reading until I knew what was going to happen with Karen and also with Mary, the Pastor's wife. I became emotionally invested in this story and was not disappointed at all. 

About the Author

Charles Soto is a moving and unconventional fiction author of Heartache & Sin, The Friend Request, Pride and a Prayer and the ghost writer of the Auto-Biography, Frias with Love (Where we come from, where we went).

Along with his diversity as an author and his capabilities of writing in a profound array of genres, his talents as a sculptor and expertise in the painting and decorating field has enabled him to supervise such projects as the MGM Grand Casino and Hotel in Las Vegas, NV., Pantageous Theatre in Downtown Minneapolis, MN., as well as many more iconic Structures.

Charles Soto was born in Las Vegas NV., and throughout his childhood was raised in the Bay Area of Alameda County on the outskirts of San Francisco, CA. He now lives in Northern Minnesota with his wife of thirty years and their two daughters. 

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