Thursday, March 2, 2017

Book Review: Treasures of the Forgotten City by Danny McAleese & David Kristoph

Treasures of the Forgotten City
By Danny McAleese & David Kristoph
Genre: Action, Adventure (Age 11+, or grade 4 up)

Three priceless star jewels. A century-old, cryptic journal. Using only the resources left by your grand-uncle, it's up to you to find Atraharsis — the legendary lost city beneath the sands.

But the way won't be easy. Raging sandstorms, sinister traps, and a whole host of mysteries stand between you and your Ultimate goal.

Can you solve the riddles, and recover the fabled star gems in time?

Or will you — like so many who've gone before — become the next permanent resident of the forgotten city?

YOU choose your own path in this treasure-hunting adventure! Ultimate Ending lets YOU pick the story. YOU make the decisions, solve the riddles, avoid the traps and gather the clues. It's a mystery and adventure book that YOU control!

My Review

As a kid, I was an avid reader. I devoured just about everything I could get my hands on. So, you can imagine my delight when I read about this choose-your-own-adventure story. Such a classic!!

Danny McAleese and David Kristoph have written a fun adventure for middle-grade readers or middle-aged readers like myself who want to reminisce. Right out of the gate, readers are tossed into a sandstorm, and it's up to you to choose where you go from there. Will you find the long lost city? Will you find the treasure? Will you be lost forever? The amazing part is that you can change the ending. Oh, this was so fun. 

I know young readers will enjoy Treasures of the Forgotten City! It is very fast paced to help keep the attention span rolling on to the next page. I also feel that it is created in a way that even kids who aren't the most excited about reading will get wrapped up in this treasure hunt!

About the Authors

Danny McAleese started writing fantasy fiction during the golden age of Dungeons & Dragons, way back in the heady, adventure-filled days of the 1980's. His short stories, The Exit, and Momentum, made him the Grand Prize winner of Blizzard Entertainment's 2011 Global Fiction Writing contest.

He currently lives in NY, along with his wife, four children, three dogs, and a whole lot of chaos.

David Kristoph lives in Ft Worth, Texas with his wonderful wife and two not-quite German Shepherds. He's a fantastic reader, great videogamer, good chess player, average cyclist, and mediocre runner.

He's also a member of the Planetary Society, a patron of StarTalk Radio, an amateur astronomer and general space enthusiast. He writes mostly Science Fiction and Fantasy.

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