Saturday, March 23, 2013

Crazy Dumplings Virtual Blog Tour

Today, I am hosting a tour stop for the Crazy Dumplings Virtual Blog Tour. Author Amanda Roberts has created a Kickstarter campaign for her upcoming cookbook, Crazy Dumplings. Below you will find information on Amanda's exciting project and detailed information about how you can participate.

From Amanda

Crazy Dumplings will contain 30 of my original dumpling recipes plus 5 dumpling recipes submitted by backers, the dumpling wrapper recipe, and several original sauce and dip recipes such as buffalo sauce, guacamole, and salsa. There are dumpling recipes for appetizers, main courses, and desserts. You could even prepare a whole Thanksgiving dinner totally out of dumplings with this book!

I am self-publishing this book, but cookbooks (largely due to the cost of a photographer and testing recipes) are far more expensive to produce than regular books. This is why I am turning to Kickstarter for help. There are some great reward levels including a digital copy of the book at only the $10 level, a physical copy of the book at only the $15 level, and the awesome dumpling dumplinger at only the $20 level (the most popular level for this campaign). But at the $50 level, backers can even submit their own awesome dumpling ideas to be included in the book.

Crazy Dumplings Virtual Blog Tour 

Click here to view the tour schedule and follow along as Amanda Roberts stops at different blogs sharing her experience cooking abroad and some delicious dumpling recipes.


Author Bio

Amanda Roberts moved to China in 2010 to live out her dream of becoming an English teacher. Little did she know that the hardest adjustment to life in a new country would be the food! After three years, Amanda is ready to release her first cookbook, Crazy Dumplings!

Join Amanda Roberts on her journey:

Crazy Dumplings Kickstarter

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